The Career Assessment & Objectives Questionnaire (CAQ) can be used in the beginning of a mentorship to help develop a game plan that is based on goals and aspirations that are unique to each Protégé. Matched pairs are encouraged to revisit the CAQ on a quarterly basis in order to gauge progress of the mentorship. 

ACP encourages Protégés to complete these pages prior to the first meeting with 
your Mentor in order to develop a course of action for the year togethe

Download PDF version here

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Part 1: Career Assessment

Instructions: Respond to each statement by choosing the number which is most true for you.*


1 = Strongly Agree

2 = Agree

3 = Maybe, not certain

4 = Disagree

5 = Strongly Disagree

  1. I know what motivates me to excel at work.
  2. I can identify my strongest abilities and skills.
  3. I have three major achievements that clarify a pattern of interests and abilities that are relevant to my career.
  4. I know what I both like and dislike in work.
  5. I know what I want to do during the next 2 years.
  6. I know what I want to do during the next 5-7 years.
  7. I have a well-defined career objective that focuses my job search on particular organizations and employers.
  8. I am going back to school and considering different career options.
  9. I know what skills I can offer employers in different occupations.
  10. I know what skills employers seek most in candidates.
  11. I can clearly explain to employers what I do well and enjoy doing.
  12. I can clearly and succinctly explain why employers should hire me.
  13. I want to start/have started a small business and would like assistance in building it.

* Used with permission of Carl S. Savino and Robert Krannich, From Army Green to Corporate Gray.


Part 2: Objectives

  1. Check all that apply.
  2. List your top three objectives in the open fields at the bottom of the page.
  3. Develop an "Action Plan" with your Mentor.
I would like a corporate Mentor to help me:
  • Obtain a job
  • Identify which career fields best suit my skills, interests, and experience
  • Learn about various careers in numerous industries
  • Build a network of professionals in a variety of industries
  • Learn about career opportunities in a particular industry
  • Learn how to advance at my current job
  • Learn how to deal with a difficult boss, colleague, or fellow student
  • Learn how to start my own business
  • Learn how to build a business I have already started
  • Determine if I should go back to school
  • Make sure I am on the right path toward my desired career after I obtain my degree Better deal with work/life balance issues
  • Improve my résumé and my interview skills
  • Translate my military background to the corporate world
  • Learn the language and culture of Corporate America
  • Get along better with my peers
  • Build lasting relationships with those in the civilian world
  • Other

Top Three Objectives: