Roles of a Successful Mentor:

The role of a Mentor will vary depending upon the goals of the Protégé and the type of support he or she is seeking. In general, mentoring should focus on developing individuals to help them reach their full potential. A successful Mentor may assume any number of roles, including:

Coach - Helps clarify development needs; provides feedback on the Protégé's strengths and opportunity areas; helps the Protégé build confidence
Advisor - Helps the Protégé explore issues more deeply by examining, questioning, and openly discussing all aspects of his or her ideas
Navigator - Explains how corporate America functions; shares critical knowledge; identifies relevant resources; clarifies organizational goals and objectives
Developer - Offers the Protégé new perspectives and encourages him or her to take calculated risks
Communicator - Encourages a two-way exchange of information; listens and responds to concerns; acts as a sounding board

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Tools for Your Mentorship:

Getting Started with Your Mentorship:

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Understanding the Military:

Two of the most comprehensive sites for learning more about the military are the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Archives’ list of links. Additionally, the VA offers a special web page specifically for OIF/OEF veterans which offers helpful information about returning home from war.