About ACP's Nationwide Mentoring Program

Program Overview

ACP’s Mentoring Programs connect veteran Protégés with corporate Mentors for yearlong mentorships. Paired based on their career objectives and professional experience, Mentors and Protégés define the goals of their mentorship together. ACP is not a formal hiring program – instead, ACP is focused on preparing a veteran for a fulfilling new career in the private sector. Typical mentorship topics range from résumé review and interview techniques to career exploration and small business development.

About ACP Protégés
Protégés have served since September 11, 2001 and come from diverse military backgrounds, representing various ages, education levels, ranks and branches of the military, and all 50 states. Veterans may still be serving on active duty orders and planning for an upcoming transition or military retirement, may be recently separated and in the midst of their transition, or may have already separated several years ago but feel stagnant in their career. Some Protégés are in school or are considering further education, others are job searching to begin their first civilian career, and many already have a job, but are exploring different career options.

About ACP Mentors
Mentors are professionals employed by one of ACP's Participating Institutions and individuals who have been invited to apply by ACP. They represent a wide variety of ages, education levels, geographies, and professional expertise. They come from diverse fields such as defense, education, finance, healthcare, insurance, information technology, logistics, manufacturing, marketing and project management. Approximately one-third of ACP Mentors are former military themselves.

ACP 's Women's Veteran Mentoring Program
Launched in the Spring of 2016, the ACP Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program is a new initiative focused on connecting female veterans with entrepreneurs and female business leaders for one-on-one yearlong mentorships. As part of the Women’s Veteran Mentoring Program, veterans will have access to exclusive networking events and career development workshops. Read more about the program here.


Program Commitments

Over the course of the mentorship, participants are required to connect at least once per month for a significant conversation around the veteran's goals. Pairs may choose to interact more frequently if they would like.

Meetings are conducted primarily by phone or videoconference, with supplemental e-mails as needed. If paired within close geographic proximity, Mentors and Protégés may also meet in-person. In addition to their one-on-one meetings, Mentors may arrange for colleagues to meet with their Protégés in order to expand the veterans’ professional network.

ACP’s staff works to pair Protégés with Mentors who have expertise in their fields of interest. ACP will also consider other factors such as age, level of experience, gender, location, and any additional preferences that participants may have.

Each mentorship will be assigned a dedicated ACP staff member, who will check in bi-monthly to learn more about what the pair is working on and offer tailored resources and suggestions to enhance the dialogue. ACP asks that Mentors and Protégés respond to their ACP staff member's correspondence promptly so that we can provide the best support possible.

Participant Eligibility


  • ACP's Mentoring Program is open to all currently serving and recently separated veterans (including members of the Reserve and National Guard) who have served on active duty orders for at least 180 days since September 11, 2001.
  • ACP's Mentoring Program is also open to surviving spouses and spouses of severely wounded post-9/11 veterans.
  • ACP accepts applications from those service members who served less than 180 days of active duty orders since 9/11, but who were injured while serving or training.

For exceptions to this policy, please email info@acp-usa.org with an explanation of your circumstances, and ACP staff will consider your request. 


  • The ideal ACP Mentor is 35+ years of age and has 8+ years of professional experience.
  • He/she has at least one hour per month to dedicate to mentoring a veteran. 
  • Mentors are employed by one of ACP's Participating Institutions or have been invited to apply by ACP.

For further information, please contact ACP at info@acp-usa.org.




For further information on ACP's Mentoring Program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.