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Protégé Spotlight

To recognize the successes of ACP’s Protégés, ACP periodically spotlights Protégés who have gone above and the beyond the requirements of the Mentoring Program to make the most of their mentorships. Mentors nominate their Protégés for this recognition by submitting a brief description detailing what their Protégé has done to help ensure their mentorship has been beneficial. ACP then reviews the nominations in order to select which Protégés to spotlight. Protégés are spotlighted on the website and through ACP’s social media.

If you believe that your Protégé deserves to be spotlighted, please email a brief synopsis explaining their dedication to the mentorship to spotlight@acp-usa.org. Please note that ACP reserves the right to post all nominations on our website and social media.

Mentors are encouraged to submit nominations as they wish. 


Spotlight: Peter Shearer, San Francisco, CA, US Navy

Mentor Mike McGinnis, San Francisco, CA, UBS

 I am nominating Pete Shearer for the protégé spotlight. Pete is a great person to be with and help. From the beginning of our meetings, he has brought energy and a desire to know more about the real estate industry – his chosen path. Pete is in Graduate Business School at Berkeley and manages to move to the head of his class, as well as maintaining a good personal life through travel, sports and friends. In spite of our age difference (I am the old guy), we find a common bond in golf and good restaurants. I feel my contribution is based upon friendship first and business second. I am also in the arena of commercial real estate and have learned personality and honesty is equally as important as technical skills. Pete will do well with this combination. I look forward to being a "sounding board" for many years to come.



Spotlight: Caleb Tate, Clarksville, TN, US Army Reserve

Mentor William Wright, Nashville, TN, HCA 

 I am nominating Caleb Tate for the Protégé Spotlight. It has been an honor, privilege and absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to mentor Caleb over the past 11 months. Often, as a mentor, your immediate focus is directed towards how you will ‘shape’ the protégé during your time together.  With Caleb, I was the beneficiary of the sharpening as much as he was.  Besides the fact that Caleb is driven, capable and focused, he consistently demonstrates several of the characteristics of successful leaders of the future, namely transparency and humility.  He is completely self-aware of who he is and consistently adheres, with a laser focus, to what is important to him in an uncompromising manner. He consistently follows through on what he says he will do, without exception and displays an inordinate amount of courage and confidence not just when experiencing things that he is interested in but equally so with those things that he may not have a heightened interest.  Accordingly, Caleb has gone through a pretty expansive journey in just the past 11 months which has led him through a Fortune 100 corporate experience (a couple of different occasions), several non-profit experiences and even a Corporate Foundation experience to ultimately affirm his passion and direction forward in non-profit management.  As a result, Caleb is securing a position with the United Way in Clarksville this summer, the first step in what promises to be a very successful career in non-profit management.  Caleb will also graduate from college with his undergraduate degree in December.  Caleb and I have established a solid personal and professional relationship that will be long-lasting.  I am thankful for that and I am a better person as a result of our paths intersecting with one another and I know that many will be blessed as they cross paths with him in the future.



Mentor of the Month

To recognize the outstanding work of participating Mentors, ACP has created the Mentor of the Month contest. Each month, ACP staff reviews nominations and selects 1-3 Mentors who have had the greatest impact on their Protégés. To commemorate the winners, each selected Mentor is featured on the ACP website and both Mentor and Protégé receive an ACP memento.

If you are a Protégé and would like to recognize the outstanding work of your Mentor, please send up to one paragraph explaining how your Mentor has had a positive impact on you. Please e-mail all submissions to motm@acp-usa.org. Please note that ACP reserves the right to post all nominations on its website.

July 2015
ACP would like to congratulate:
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Morristown, New Jersey
Morristown, New Jersey

I’m honored to nominate JoAnn Butler for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. JoAnn is the Assistant Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition-Employer Brand & Sourcing Channels at MetLife. JoAnn is remarkable and I could not have asked for a better Mentor.

JoAnn has been a major influence in my transition from active duty to civilian life. Since I separated from active duty, she has been available from day one. She always took time out of her hectic work schedule to see me. In our meetings, we discussed my plans, my résumé, interview questions, goals, and questions I had about Human Resources. Her knowledge of Human Resources is vast and the advice she has given me has been invaluable. I quickly learned that my Mentor is extraordinary.

She also invited me to a Four Block event in New York City, where I was able to meet several veterans who shared their experience in the corporate world. JoAnn answered questions about college and helped me decide which college would be the best fit. She even assisted with writing my college entry essay.

Overall, I am exceedingly satisfied and impressed with JoAnn as my Mentor. She has helped me in almost every aspect of my civilian life and I am now more confident and eager to start college and pursue my career.

- Stephen L., Keansburg, New Jersey, U.S. Air Force


I am nominating Bill Markey for ACP's Mentor of the Month. After serving 8 years on Active Duty, I transitioned to pursuing my graduate degree in finance and real estate at Wharton. What they don't tell you is that "studying" commercial real estate is, generally speaking, insufficient to actually "practicing" commercial real estate. There is a very real, tangible divide between academia and the world institutional capital being used to purchase and sell real assets. Bill has helped to bridge that divide, and done so with tremendous patience and understanding. Whether it be introducing me to industry contacts, talking for hours on the phone about his sense for market dynamics, assisting with narrowing my employment search, and even inviting me up to MetLife Investments' headquarters for an inter-office veterans function to talk with seasoned industry magnates. Bill gave very candid feedback and advice during a very hectic springtime recruiting season, ultimately guiding me into a Summer Associate internship with a top 3 real estate private equity firm. Bill has certainly been instrumental in making a jump to the "buy-side" a possibility, a move many in both the industry and at school said would be a near-impossibility. I am humbly indebted to both ACP and Bill, in particular, for the time, effort and commitment to making my transition out of uniform and into high finance.

- Christopher R., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Army


I nominate Jim Wiviott for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. I am a veteran in the corporate sector considering the next step in my career. Jim has been an important part of this process and has provided guidance, helpful insights and no-nonsense feedback. He has also gone out of his way to schedule meetings for me with industry leaders. Most of all, Jim has given a 100% commitment to the mentorship relationship. Jim always makes himself available; whether it be in-person, while traveling, on the phone or via email. I know I can count on Jim for advice and guidance when I need it. I want to thank ACP for selecting Jim as a Mentor and thank Jim for helping me during this important time in my career. I look forward to the remainder of my formal mentorship with Jim and will undoubtedly keep in contact long after. 

- David S., West Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. Army National Guard

June 2015
ACP would like to congratulate:
Ticonderoga, New York
Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee

I nominate George Brown for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. I retired from active duty after 22 years in the military and did not have a clue about the civilian sector since the military was the only job I ever had. My transition from the military into the civilian sector also consisted of a career change. I transitioned from the electrical career field in the military to the IT field. George's background as a veteran in the IT field was a perfect match for my situation. ACP matched me with George and he has been an incredible Mentor since day one. George addressed everything possible when it came to my transition. He talked me through understanding what fields existed in IT that might interest me. He gave me a detailed look into the civilian hiring process since he has experience in hiring people. George gave me tips on what to say, what to do, and tricks during interviews. He helped me create a strong and detailed résumé that would make me stand out to HR in the hiring process. His mentorship guided me to where I am today. In March 2015, after only my second interview, I found employment. I’m currently a Junior Systems Administrator in a company in Washington D.C. I believe that if it wasn’t for George’s experience, patience and incredibly positive attitude, I would have been lost in my transition out of the military. Thank you, ACP, for your choice, and most of all, thank you, George Brown, for being an incredible Mentor.

- Miguel L., Germantown, Maryland, U.S. Air Force


I am pleased to nominate Mary Fortin for ACP's Mentor of the Month. Mary Fortin is a better Mentor than I could have imagined being paired with. From the start, she has been there for me in every way she can be. Every time we speak she makes sure to tell me that I can contact her with any questions or comments I have. She has answered every question I have thrown at her, whether it was from her own knowledge or finding the answers from others. We are only about halfway through the year program and we have made great progress. Mary has helped me progress in my path to become an accountant in many ways. We are continuously tweaking my résumé at every meeting. While talking about my résumé she has also asked me questions about it, helping me with my interviewing skills without trying. Mary is also setting me up with multiple colleagues of hers who are in different areas of accounting to give me exposure to different fields. I am still in college and everything she has done for me has helped me to immensely narrow down what I want to do with my degree. Mary is the best role model I have had and I am enormously thankful for her mentorship.

- Lauren S., Seattle, Washington, U.S. Army


It is my honor and privilege to nominate Marilyn Lane as ACP Mentor of the Month. Marilyn is the National Sales Manager for International Paper and I am very fortunate to be her Protégé.

Marilyn has been an essential element of my transition out of the military and has been in my corner right from the start. She has been my ally and professional confidant with whom I am comfortable discussing anything. She also has unique experience from her successful career. Even though we have only been connected for a little over seven months, it feels as though I have known her my whole life. She has gracefully answered many awkward questions ranging from proper work attire, sports lingo, and expectations of pay range. Along the way, she has shared in my successes and failures, keeping me motivated with late night talks about challenges and opportunities. She has been available anytime I’ve needed random advice, words of encouragement, or to just reflect on the past few weeks of job search/networking.

Her experience hiring people for her organization and unfortunately, cutting people when needed, was invaluable during my résumé review and interview preparations. Her insight was well-thought-out, candid and encouraging. Marilyn contacted some of her colleagues near my home and helped me get tours and the opportunity to visit with general managers. That experience opened my eyes to several possibilities I had written off early in my transition. In the end, she was instrumental in helping me to land an amazing job with an even more amazing team.

Overall, I am extremely proud to work with Marilyn and am truly fortunate that ACP paired me up with such an exceptional person and Mentor. This program is truly amazing and I highly recommend it to all of my fellow service members making the challenging and sometimes scary plunge into corporate America.

- Anthony A., Houston, Texas, U.S. Army

May 2015
ACP would like to congratulate:
Wayzata, Minnesota
Hopkins, Minnesota
Ana Paula
Wayzata, Minnesota

I am pleased to nominate Wesley Briggs for ACP's Mentor of the Month.  Wes has played a major role in my successful transition from active duty to civilian life.  Prior to exiting the service, I knew that I wanted to pursue a degree in the Accounting field.  However, I had many questions and concerns about being successful not just in school but also in transitioning out of the military.   Therefore, I was excited to learn of a mentoring program specifically tailored to assisting veterans in my situation.

I could not be more satisfied with ACP's selection of Wes as my Mentor.   As an accountant and veteran, he was uniquely qualified to answer my questions and address my concerns. He generously scheduled time out of his busy work and family life to discuss issues and topics over the phone.  Wes was also flexible with scheduling and understood and re-scheduled our conversations if I had conflicts.  His advice was invaluable in my success as a returning student.  Wes provided knowledge and insight that assisted me with planning the direction of my education as I plan to move on to graduate study.  This will benefit me greatly as I focus on specific areas within the accounting field.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied and impressed with the quality of mentoring that Wes has provided.  This experience has left me feeling vastly more confident and prepared for a career in the accounting field and assisted with a smooth transition from military to civilian life.

-  Jason H., Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. Army


I would very much like to nominate Steve Ruedisili for ACP's Mentor of the Month.  If all of the ACP Mentors are as caring, conscientious, and helpful as Steve, then he is in for some serious competition!  Steve is the HR Leader for Cargill's Global IT Division in Minneapolis and is responsible for approximately 1,500 IT employees.  His skills as a mentor are closely aligned with his position responsibilities which include a range of HR issues regarding performance management, talent selection, redesign, talent placement, and shared services with their regional model for managing IT personnel.  During our first meeting, Steve introduced me to the Gallup Organization's StrengthsFinder 2.0 program, which provided a base of self-development and goal setting that has greatly eased my transition plans.  Although Steve and I come from very different backgrounds, we immediately found common interests and values and fully intend to continue our relationship beyond the one-year mark.

My experience with ACP has been exceptional.  I have recommended the program to several other transitioning service members and intend to continue.

-  Taylor C., Robbinsdale, Minnesota, U.S. Army National Guard


It is an honor and a pleasure to nominate Ana Paula Zamorano for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. Ana Paula has gone above and beyond every month that I've known her. As I complete my ten years of active duty in the Marine Corps, she has been guiding me in the right direction to help ensure that I land on my feet. Since the very beginning, we started off with honing my résumé, followed by networking both inside and outside of her company based on what my needs were. She then took the mentorship to the next level by having a full day of mock interviews with different hiring managers and diverse people. These ranged from one-on-one interviews to phone interviews with managers in other states. The highlight was when she led a group interview. The best part was the debrief on how they thought I did versus how I thought I did. She sat down and discussed areas to improve as well as areas I did well on. To top off everything that Ana Paula has done, she then let me job shadow her at work on multiple occasions. This allowed me to see what a day in the shoes of a corporate executive was like as well as ask questions as they arose.

Ana Paula's impact on my life the past 12 months has truly been immense. She is as selfless as they come and truly cares about the career progression of her Protégés. Ana Paula has afforded me opportunities to participate at a large organization and prepare for civilian life like I never could have imagined. A true Mentor and now a good friend, I nominate Ana Paula Zamorano for ACP's Mentor of the Month.

-  Nick K., Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. Marine Corps