ACP Protégés Thank Their Mentors


Protégé Spotlight

To recognize the successes of ACP’s Protégés, ACP periodically spotlights Protégés who have gone above and the beyond the requirements of the Mentoring Program to make the most of their mentorships. Mentors nominate their Protégés for this recognition by submitting a brief description detailing what their Protégé has done to help ensure their mentorship has been beneficial. ACP then reviews the nominations in order to select which Protégés to spotlight. Protégés are spotlighted on the website and through ACP’s social media.

If you believe that your Protégé deserves to be spotlighted, please email a brief synopsis explaining their dedication to the mentorship to Please note that ACP reserves the right to post all nominations on our website and social media.

Mentors are encouraged to submit nominations as they wish. 


Spotlight: Adam Johnson, Athens, GA, U.S. Army

Mentor Chris Hanebeck, Dallas, TX, AT&T

Adam’s conduct has been nothing short of stellar and his dedication to the program is exemplary in every way. Given that he is enrolled in a demanding MBA program, this is truly a great accomplishment. Adam intends to work in management consulting after completing his degree. Overall, he has been extremely dedicated, 100% reliable and highly motivated. He has always followed up on his commitments 100% or has always delivered the best work he could possible create. Allow me to provide a few examples of what we have accomplished over the past six months.    

From the very start, we have worked on personal skills such as communications, analysis and creativity required management consulting. Adam has gone through exercises and undertaken extensive reading assignments to complete this. We have discussed different career paths and various types of employers within management consulting to identify those best suited for Adam. We have set up interviews with a couple of executives in management consulting firms for Adam so that he could get more diverse views of the industry and begin to network. We have discussed the Harvard Business School case method in detail and have since solved three HBS case studies together (submitting our solutions to the other) to practice his analytical skills. We have worked on a large number of related issues such as questions about how to move through the ranks in management consulting, how to build a strategy for his career and which industries to start in, etc.     

I am firmly convinced that Adam will be extremely successful in his career and am deeply honored that I am able play a very minor role in helping him on this path. A huge thanks to you and ACP for making this possible!


Spotlight: Andrew Machado, Fort Lee, NJ, U.S. Navy

Mentor Alexander Haugh, New York, NY, Barclays

Andrew has been my mentee for roughly 6 months. The entire time, he’s shown initiative in maintaining a steady dialogue with me, both “give and take” – he asks for advice, but also shows how much learning he’s done in class and through his internships. It makes it easy when your mentee puts in the “elbow grease” of training himself or herself on a subject, so that you only need to provide guidance! In Andrew’s case, one reason why we were matched is because I have 8+ years of experience in Financial Services – exactly what Andrew wanted to break into, and exactly the type of person I was looking to mentor. In our case, while I did provide 1 letter of recommendation to my firm vouching for Andrew’s exceptional character, Andrew did 100% of the work in securing an Internship offer here at my employer – and at 2 others. While he had 3 offers to choose from, I’m glad that we’ll be able to work even closer, since he chose my employer for this summer’s internship.


Mentor of the Month

To recognize the outstanding work of participating Mentors, ACP has created the Mentor of the Month contest. Each month, ACP staff reviews nominations and selects 1-3 Mentors who have had the greatest impact on their Protégés. To commemorate the winners, each selected Mentor is featured on the ACP website and both Mentor and Protégé receive an ACP memento.

If you are a Protégé and would like to recognize the outstanding work of your Mentor, please send up to one paragraph explaining how your Mentor has had a positive impact on you. Please e-mail all submissions to Please note that ACP reserves the right to post all nominations on its website.

October 2015

ACP would like to congratulate:

  • Jim Patterson

    Phoenix, Arizona

  • Pat Thelen

    Kansas City, Missouri

  • Andre Trudell

    Kansas City, Missouri

I nominate my Mentor, Jim Patterson, for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. Jim has been a calming influence and steadfast supporter during my transition from the Navy. Even though I made the transition to corporate America before being recalled to active duty, I was nervous and had quite a bit of concern making the transition again. The economic conditions and job market were considerably different in 2015 than during my first transition in 2004. Jim was the perfect Mentor for me since he had the financial and corporate leadership experience I was seeking and wanted to emulate.

From our first meeting, I knew Jim would be a tremendous help in my transition.  Our many discussions helped me refine the characteristics I was looking for in a new career. He also helped me look at different opportunities and determine if they met the criteria to lead to a successful career. Jim used his extensive experience to help focus and lead me to a point where I was ready to make the transition to a great company.

Bottom line, without Jim, my transition would not have been as successful. I could not have asked for a better Mentor. I appreciate everything Jim did for me and I would recommend Jim and ACP to other military members preparing for a transition to corporate America. The ability to meet with a successful corporate leader and understand how military experience can translate into a successful corporate career is invaluable. Military members have quite a bit to offer, but not understanding the corporate environment can make the transition very challenging. 

Great Mentors like Jim willingly give their time to help military members successfully navigate the transition process. I can’t say enough about Jim Patterson and the help he provided me. Thank you, Jim Patterson, and American Corporate Partners!

- Raymond F., Peoria, Arizona, U.S. Navy


I nominate Pat Thelen for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. Pat is everything one could ask for in a Mentor. He is authentic, competent, and to put simply, an incredibly caring person. From day one, he has focused our meetings on furthering my goals. He has offered sound advice, insight, and challenged me to think critically about what I want to achieve. He has always been patient and generous with his time. 

Pat has given me advice, both strategic and tactical, to help update and focus my résumé and develop a business plan. One of the larger projects we have worked on is my business plan. Pat set up a meeting with key members of the UMB team in Kansas City. After Pat introduced me to several members of this incredible team, I had the opportunity to pick their brains and ask questions specific to my business concept. Every person offered great advice and greatly improved my approach to making my idea a reality. 

Pat and everyone I met at UMB demonstrated candor, hard work, service, and teamwork. We finished the day watching the Kansas City Royals on a perfect evening from incredible seats. Pat made the whole trip seamless and I learned so much. The year is flying by and I am amazed at how great Pat, and this program, is.

From first contact, ACP has been nothing short of fantastic. Everyone at ACP has been courteous, competent, and professional. Pat exhibits all of these aspects and more. Every opportunity I get, I let people know about the amazing things ACP is doing for veterans. I am so grateful for this program and how much it has helped. Thank you, Pat, and thank you ACP!

- Stacey S., National Harbor, Maryland, U.S. Air Force


I would like to nominate my Mentor, Andre Trudell, for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. Andre has been a superb Mentor as I have transitioned from the military to business school. Andre has helped me navigate my first internship in the private sector. Since the beginning, no question has been too simple or unimportant for him to answer and he is always available whenever I need help. Andre has enabled me to own the mentorship and make it what I need in order to be successful in my transition. I do not know how I would have made my transition from the service to the private sector without Andre’s guidance and support.

- Dallin R., Springfield, Virginia, U.S. Army

September 2015

ACP would like to congratulate:

  • Todd McGuire

    Ankeny, Iowa

  • Jason Stone

    East Moline, Illinois

  • Todd Williams

    Waterloo, Iowa

I am honored to nominate Todd McGuire for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. Todd's role as an ACP Mentor undoubtedly makes the organization stronger and more capable in helping countless veterans make a smooth transition to their next career. Every chance I get, I laud ACP on its mission and share my story. I state that one of the best choices I made in preparing for my own transition was signing up for the program. Todd's mentorship has been instrumental in my success.

Like many who served in the military for twenty years or more, it can be a daunting task to prepare for your next career. In my own case, I wanted to venture into "Corporate America," an environment completely foreign to me. As such, I didn't have much of an idea of where or how to look for a position. Additionally, I didn’t know how to showcase my talents or experience to a civilian employer, that was, in all likelihood, very unfamiliar with the military. Insert Todd into the equation, and I was quickly able to start making sense of the corporate environment. Todd also brought many of his company's resources to the table to critique my résumé and provide feedback on career opportunities. While Todd may think he didn't “move mountains” for me, his assistance was invaluable.

Todd’s advice and patience listening to my many questions was also invaluable. He provided information and advice that was tailored to me, and always spot on. Todd was also able to recommend many great books that allowed me to better understand corporate culture. Today, I find myself recommending those same books to others in my new career and to friends preparing to retire.

Again, I cannot emphatically state enough how instrumental Todd was to my transition. He pushed, prodded, and encouraged me to go into the career direction I wanted, but was unsure how to achieve (not an easy task!) Finally, I am glad to say that the Mentor-Protégé relationship has begun to turn into a friendship.

- John P., Woodbridge, Virginia, U.S. Army


I would like to nominate Jason Stone for Mentor of the Month because he exemplifies what it means to be a Mentor. Jason and I started working together about six months ago when I was preparing to separate from the Navy after five years on active duty. To say the least, I was apprehensive about the transition, and without Jason's support and guidance, I do not know where I would be today. Jason has helped me develop a professional résumé, work on interviewing techniques, and build my network, just to name a few. Most of all, Jason has offered moral support. There have been times when I was extremely frustrated and upset about the job-hunting process and Jason was there to listen and offer his support and guidance. We even had the opportunity to meet in-person when he was in town on business. When he could have been at a baseball game with his colleagues, he took the time to go out to dinner with me. If other Mentors in the program do half of what Jason has done to help me, all of the Protégés are extremely lucky.

- Travis C., Norfolk, Virginia, U.S. Navy


It is with great pleasure that I nominate Todd Williams for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. Todd has served as my Mentor for the past six months and I could not be happier with his professionalism, candor, and overall helpfulness. I could not have asked for anyone better to help as I begin the transition from the military ranks to the civilian sector.

When I started the process with ACP, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that after 24-years in the U.S. Army, I would eventually have to make the transition. Todd has helped me make the best decisions for my military career and future civilian sector transition. His ability to help me understand the “big picture” as it relates to the civilian sector has been invaluable in making the best decisions for my future.

Additionally, his assistance with developing, editing, and improving my résumé has been outstanding. Before ACP, I never had a need or desire to write a résumé. With Todd’s assistance, I have been able to write, edit, and refine my résumé based on his input and guidance. His help translating my military experience into civilian skills was priceless. I could not have asked for a better individual to help me through the process. We continue to improve my résumé monthly, keeping it relevant for different civilian-sector opportunities.

I am grateful for the time, effort, and mentorship that Todd has provided me over the last six months, and I look forward to the mentorship he will provide for the remaining six months. Though I will not transition from the Army for a few more years, the mentorship Todd has provided through ACP is much more than I could have imagined. Thank you, Mr. Todd Williams, and ACP, for allowing me this opportunity.

- Steven C., Morgantown, West Virginia, U.S. Army