ACP Veteran Protégés Thank Their Mentors


Protégé Spotlight

To recognize the successes of ACP’s Protégés, ACP periodically spotlights Protégés who have gone above and the beyond the requirements of the Mentoring Program to make the most of their mentorships. Mentors nominate their Protégés for this recognition by submitting a brief description detailing what their Protégé has done to help ensure their mentorship has been beneficial. ACP then reviews the nominations in order to select which Protégés to spotlight. Protégés are spotlighted on the website and through ACP’s social media.

If you believe that your Protégé deserves to be spotlighted, please email a brief synopsis explaining their dedication to the mentorship to Please note that ACP reserves the right to post all nominations on our website and social media.

Mentors are encouraged to submit nominations as they wish. 


Spotlight: Chris Winchell, Baraboo, Wisconsin, U.S. Air National Guard

Mentor: Derek Scheidt, Madison, WI, International Paper 

Chris has been a shining example of what a veteran Protégé should be. He has a positive attitude and is committed to finding not only a job but more importantly a career. Additionaly, he has been willing to open up about his personal life, which has helped us develop a friendship in a short period of time.

I have truly enjoyed the three face-to-face meetings (continuing with the theme of keeping things more "personal") with him in these first few months, and I look forward to finishing the program strong and keeping in touch well after our mentorship is officially complete.


Mentor of the Month

To recognize the outstanding work of participating Mentors, ACP has created the Mentor of the Month contest. Each month, ACP staff reviews nominations and selects 1-3 Mentors who have had the greatest impact on their Protégés. To commemorate the winners, each selected Mentor is featured on the ACP website and both Mentor and Protégé receive an ACP memento.

If you are a Protégé and would like to recognize the outstanding work of your Mentor, please send up to one paragraph explaining how your Mentor has had a positive impact on you. Please e-mail all submissions to Please note that ACP reserves the right to post all nominations on its website.

July 2016

ACP would like to congratulate:

  • Murali Krishnan

    Portsmouth, Rhode Island

  • Mark Peters

    Portsmouth, Rhode Island

  • Chris Pike

    Andover, Massachusetts


I would like to nominate Murali for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. Over the past ten months, Murali has inspired and advised me in all aspects of my transition and led me to accept a dream position with my number one company. He started our mentorship by asking the key question, "What do you really want to do?"  We built a decision matrix of preferred job characteristics, which allowed me to hone in on that which truly mattered most to me. I used that matrix to discover suitable career paths, and then Murali reviewed dozens of résumés until my military experiences correlated with those desired positions written in a language any hiring manager could comprehend.

Armed with a useful résumé, Murali encouraged me to seek out any and all networking opportunities. He advised me through conferences and interviews, introduced me to veterans in similar careers, and always responded promptly to pleas for advice. Now that I have successfully landed the job, we are discussing "how to succeed during the first days in a new office," "lunch with the boss," and general career management.  My experience with ACP has been outstanding. I could not have asked for a better Mentor, and I am hopeful that I can provide the same level of assistance to other transitioning soldiers in years to come. 

- Dan T., Clarksville, Tennessee, U.S. Army


I would like to nominate Mark Peters for ACP's Mentor of the Month. I have been working with Mark for approximately nine months and he has far exceeded my expectations as a Mentor. Mark has helped me overcome several obstacles in my transition from the U.S. Navy and navigate a rigorous job search. He has helped make my résumé clear and concise, shared his seemingly unending wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the interview process, and most importantly, he has served as a sounding board during my rigorous transition process. 

Even with Mark’s demanding schedule, he still keeps his word in addressing my questions and concerns, reviewing my applications, and providing quality advice. Mark has met my every need in understanding corporate leadership, management principles, and job search activities. I am better off because of Mark's contributions and owe my current successes to Mark's devotion, dedication, and willingness to help a fellow veteran make one of the most difficult career transitions. My confidence has been boosted, and I am so very thankful to Mark and American Corporate Partners’ Mentoring Program.

- Tim C., Washington, D.C., U.S. Navy


I believe Chris Pike should be Mentor of the Month and even Mentor of the Year, if possible. I started working with Chris in October 2015 and since then, I have learned more than I would have ever imagined. I always knew writing a résumé was easier said than done, but Chris has taught me about the nuances of catering a résumé to the specific job and company. From Chris, I have learned everything from writing a lengthy résumé for a government job, to the concise, one page résumé most employers prefer. He has even taught me how to properly format a copy-and-paste plain text résumé for some online job applications.

I am the first one in my family to go to college, so Chris has been my guide for navigating the internship process. Chris has done an exceptional job teaching me the importance of seeking internships: what to look for, what not to look for, and where to find them. Chris did not stop there. He also coached me through cold-calling and cold emailing a specific company that I would like to work for this summer.

I cannot imagine having anyone but Chris Pike as my Mentor. They say we do not know what we do not know. Chris has answered every question I’ve had, and taught me things I had no idea I needed to know. Chris is head and shoulders above the rest because of the level to which he mentors. He does not just teach to the standard, he covers all possible intricacies. While being a husband, father, successful career man, and even breaking a hip, Chris has undoubtedly laid the groundwork for my professional career.

- Kyle K., La Vergne, Tennessee, U.S. Marine Corps

June 2016

ACP would like to congratulate:

  • Brian Hankinson

    Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

  • Steffanie Jasper

    Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

  • Rob Mercuri

    Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

I would like to nominate Brian Hankinson for ACP’s Mentor of the Month. During the five months that Brian and I have been working together, he has imparted a wealth of critical advice regarding all aspects of my transition from the military to the corporate sector.  Brian has demonstrated his resolute commitment to supporting my transition by providing expert advice and support during the various phone conversations and face-to-face meetings that we have shared. Brian’s financial services background has proven to be extremely helpful in guiding my transition to a job that I was offered early in the mentorship program. I’ve benefited greatly from my relationship with Brian, and I look forward to our continued mentorship throughout the remainder of ACP’s Mentoring Program and beyond.

 - Brian A., Arlington, Virginia, U.S. Army


I would like to nominate Steffanie Jasper for ACP's Mentor of the Month. I have been working with Steffanie for just over 6 months. We were partnered together at a very crucial time in my corporate career, right at the beginning. I had just accepted a job with JPMorgan and was very much out of my comfort zone coming from the Air Force. Steffanie has been a fantastic sounding board through all of the challenges I have faced with my new career. She was willing to talk as much as I needed, exceeding the minimum monthly commitment. At times, my direction was very unclear, and she always listened and gave great advice. It was nice to be able to vent to Steffanie, as she completely understands the dynamics of working for a large financial institution and the obstacles and opportunities that come with it. I am doing very well in my new career and I definitely have Steffanie to thank for working with me at this critical time when I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. ACP is a fantastic program and I am so happy that I found it.

 - Samantha M., Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. Air National Guard


I would like to nominate Rob Mercuri as an ACP Mentor of the Month.  Rob and I have been working together for about 8 months on a variety of subjects related to how best to position myself for a transition to civilian life and the timing of that transition. Rob has drawn on his own experience transitioning from his role as an Army Officer to consulting and later finance, as well as the successes and pitfalls he’s witnessed among his former peers. Perhaps more importantly, Rob has clearly taken a deep interest in me personally and in the choices before me. In addition to the ongoing email and phone correspondence, Rob has gone out of his way to make himself available to meet in-person for lunch, coffee or drinks on the several occasions when I was able to be in the Pittsburgh area. He has also provided a window into professional social circles that I might not otherwise have had. His guidance and recommendations have been and continue to be extremely helpful in framing what I want in a career and developing a cogent plan to get there. I am greatly indebted to Rob, and have no doubt that he is deserving of this recognition.

 - Brian L., Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Navy